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Default Re: Satin Korker Question

Originally Posted by anj0399 View Post
The trick with satin is to not spray the ribbon before baking them. Once they are baked and tied/sewn together, arrange the korkers in the position you want them and spray the stiffener about 4-6 inches away so it lightly coats the top layers of ribbon. If you are having a hard time placing the korker ribbon, use small pieces of white tissue paper or kleenex (make sure it is not colored or scented) and place it under the areas you want to be "puffed" up more. Let the korker sit for about an hours and then take the pieces of tissue paper out. You should see that it is not longer crunchy yet it is no longer floopy. Also, the best size satin ribbon to use is 3/8 inch for korkers.

Hope this helps!
What kind of stiffener would that be?????
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