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Default Re: Satin Korker Question

Originally Posted by amfloyd1983 View Post
Is there a way to stiffen satin korkers without them looking too stiff? (I hope that makes sense!!) I tried "Stiffen Stuff", but they seem too brittle to me. If I don't use anything, they seem too floppy. Help please!

Oh, I thought I would pass this along! When I make infant korkers I use wooden kabob sticks instead of dowels. The kabob sticks are smaller and make the bows look more "baby-like". I found my sticks at my local dollar store. You get like 250 for only a dollar!

Thanks again for all you help!
Can you please tell me what kabob sticks are and can you post a picture of the results you get from them Please!!!!!!! We don't have Walmart here in Ireland and i'll have to look for them in another shop.....

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