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Default Re: my first edited picture

There are a lot of pros on here ( and that is not being sarcastic in case anyone takes me up wrong). I honestly thought that was a fabulous picture but i really have a lot to learn. I wish i had someone to help me with this stuff. If i had of taken that picture and edited it i would have been so proud of myself! I haven't taken any pictures yet because i'm too afraid. I got a new camera off my DH that's supposed to be brilliant and was really expensive but every picture i've taken has been rubbish. It's my Achilles heel in this whole process. My website has been up sice December and i only have 1 crap photo on it!!!!!!!!!!!


Originally Posted by dilki View Post
Hi, I didn't use any of those. I have a tripod, but I'm too lazy to use it. I usually just take my pictures out side. but I took this one by a window ( it was snowing ore raining outside, can't remember). I edited them at you just have to set up an account there and it's free. I downloaded gimp but I didn't understand anything. I like photoshop because it was pretty easy. but I'm sure you can do lot more stuff with gimp than photoshop. hope this helps

oh I don't have a light tent either. but I'm thinking to make one soon.
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