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Default Re: Tutu preference?

Originally Posted by JandL View Post
Hi all! I don't post much but have been lurking here for a while and have learned so much already! I was wondering what your preference is for tutu's, sewn or no sewn. I'm sure the non sewn is easier but which do you think looks better, hold up better, etc...? I assumed that sewing would be better for selling but to be honest I kinda like the look of the knots a little better. Also which is your preference of tulle? I've made some with the really cheap stuff and I just don't like how wrinkly and scrunchy it looks. Then again that could just be me doing it wrong...

Thanks in advance for any help!!!
I would like to know the same. I want to make one just for my daughter, not to sell, so would love to hear how you all make yours & what your preferences are on making them!!
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