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Default Re: OMG, how did I ever make bows without it?!?

Originally Posted by mothermayi View Post

Either I'm doing it wrong, or this thing sucks!! My bows come out much better without using the bite. I had such high hopes for this thing.

First, I can't get the bite on without my folds slipping, and once the bite is on, my ribbon slips big time. I make sure my loops are even, and after I've tied it off, they are all funky.

And, her template is weird. I don't understand it, but when using her template, two loops are really small, and two loops are really large.

I've spent all day trying to figure this thing out!! Various sizes of ribbon, various folds. With her template, and without.

So...Anyone want a gator bite?
ME too!! I am so depressed, maybe I can do them better than I thought, I have a certain crease I use and with the GB, it alters that!!

I am going to try mine on spike and see it it can help anywhere in my bow making. If not, I will sell it. Don't be too depressed, I mean it just means we are NATURALS! LMAO

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