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Default Re: Flower headbands

Originally Posted by sla762 View Post
I, too, always look for new flowers, or how to mix and match them. I have also done some with covered buttons or personalized bottlecaps in the centers! Those are fun too!

Question: when you ladies sell at shows, do you sell the headband already with the flower as a set?? I am thinking that is what I should do at my next show and then put them together on a card for like $7???? I tried selling the flowers separately, but people didn't know what to do with them. Riught now I have a bunch of beanie caps woven with a ribbon and then have a flower clip and a 4" bow with it and will ask $20? I am hoping I can move some for Spring!

I'd sell both. I bought one before they were popular and paid freaking $30 for a crochet beanie and flower. I blame the craziness on the pregnancy hormones, because any other time I would have told the boutique owner she was nuts for charging so much! What about putting up a picture next to the individual clippies so they know how to use them? The seperate flowers are great for bigger girls too, and are popular with the girls that dress in retro clothes. I think they call them pinup flowers.
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