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I've tried Fabric Tac on lining clips... Totally agree that it's so manageable and smooth finished but it does comes undone but ONLY the part where it's ribbon-to-metal and not the part where it's ribbon-to-ribbon. Hot glue, some came off, some didn't.

I'm yet able to pull out the ones I used with E6000. I know, fumes not good...=(

Another one that I've read is the Liquid Fusion. I hvn't tried on lining clips as I hv no patience to wait for it to be tacky enough. IMO, I kinda had to wait for wee bit like the e6000 before using.

My thought on this: Fabric Tac, if it's touching ribbon-to-ribbon and when it comes to the back part of the clip, something stronger.

I'm not all that. I just like the last part.
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