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Default Re: Brilliant Bowmaker Twisted Template

Originally Posted by ruby2 View Post
If I were closer to you (and I'm guessing I'm not, I'm in Nebraska and there's no one on here close to me!) I would offer to help, if only to move the process along. I don't think I heard how you hurt your finger, is there a thread somewher about it (so you don't have to retype with a bum digit!)

A little far for a day trip! But thanks for the offer!

Finger summary, copied from other post:

AAAAAHHHH my finger was smashed! The pointer finger on my right hand! My main finger, the big enchilada. My clicking finger.

Smashed by accident with a large oak 1"dowel. Hard. I just got back from the emergency room and it is fortunately not broken. But it looks all purple and swollen and terrible and hurts like the dickens.

But this had to happen in the middle of pictures for the Twisted Template book!!! What am I supposed to do?!?! There is no way I can use photos of my hands at the moment! AHHHHHH

This is not a good thing. But maybe God is telling me to s l o w down. I still wanted the book finished.

This is taking too long to type. I might lurk for a week or so.

Brilliant Bowmaker Templates!
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