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Default Re: snap clip question

Originally Posted by AnnetteNikole View Post
Hey there! I'm very new to clippy and bow making and have just joined this forum not too long ago. But I had a question... I've made a few snap clips for my daughter, currently they are not lined with any non-slip grip material... and I'm not really sure if it needs it yet, as no clip has stayed in that child's hair more then an hour before she takes it out (which I'm pretty sure no non-slip would prevent)
Anyway... I was just wondering if you girls put non-slip in the snap clips? (like should I just not bother) I figured velvet (is that it?) wouldn't get in the way of the clip, but I've never used that in any clips... but I was wondering if the silicone stuff would get in the way of the clip?
Thanks for your help :-)
My extremely active daughter had a non-slip snap clip in her hair yesterday and it stayed the whole day, I kid you not! I use duck tape hold it to line the top part of the snap clip. Best stuff I have ever bought. As for selling, you would just ask the customer if they want it in it or not. I have no idea about velvet or silicone stuff for snap clip. Sorry I couldnt help with that part of the question.
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