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Default Re: Flower headbands

I am a newbie but have started making these flowers. One thing I would suggest (and maybe this is totally obvious, but in case it's not....), is when you are gluing the next flower layer on, turn it so that the petals DON'T line up with the previous one--it makes your flower poufier (is that a word?) so that it's more full. Lay down your first one, put some glue on, then the next one, make sure the petals from the 2nd layer lay in between the small space between the petals on the first layer. Does that even make sense??? It's hard to explain. LMK if this helps or not--I could take some quick pictures today if you'd like

Good luck, they are SOOOOOo fun!!! I am now addicted---everywhere I go, I go check out their silk flower selection
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