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Originally Posted by missvicki77 View Post
Hi everyone! I'm totally new to the bow thing. Is the stiffen stuff really worth it or would something else work just as well? I don't want to waste money as I'm trying to keep the costs down as much as possible. I'm going to try to make up as much as I can now during the year so I can sell them during the summer (I work in the school system and won't have any income during the summer).

Thanks for your patience -- I'm sure I"ll have LOTS of question
Stiffen Stuff does work well (VERY).. I heard alot about bowmakers using starch (diluted w/ water) but I personally, never use starch. Even tho I'm not an online seller, what I used on the bows I've made/make, has to be *right* the first time.

I'm not all that. I just like the last part.
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