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Default Re: Brilliant Bowmaker Twisted Template

Originally Posted by amandanmv View Post
Oh man! I was jumping with joy thinking this was the big announcement they were ready.

Are you offering this template and instructions separate? Please say yes? I'd love this template as the other bows I make are just pinwheel bows.
So sorry! They are so close to being ready it's not even funny, then my poor finger and I can't finish the photos...

When these are available you can get all of the items in different "packages" . Remember all the pages come professionally printed already.

You can get the Ultimate Bowmakers Kit
BB Classic pages, tools, template
BB Twisted Pages, templates
Surround Template, pages
online freebies

BB Classic Kit
Printed Pages, tools, Templates, Binder, online

BB Classic Add-On

BB Twisted Kit
Printed Pages, Templates, Binder, online

BB Twisted Add-On

Surround Template Add-On
Printed pages and template

We also have pre-cut ribbon packs - heat sealed in a V cut, ready to use on either bow template. These are already selling well at the craft shows. In double packs or multi.

Replacement items for most everything.

I have several more REALLY COOL surprises that will be shipping out with the first group of pre-orders, then available for sale on the website or etsy.

I can't wait - really can't wait, it has been so exciting seeing it all come together!
Brilliant Bowmaker Templates!
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