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Default Brilliant Bowmaker Twisted Template

Many of you know I smashed my finger pretty badly which has delayed the finishing of the book until my finger is photo-worthy. In the meantime I thought I'd share pictures


I just wanted to share bows made with the new Twisted Template. (The original one will be referred to as the Classic Template.) These are made with the "Quick and easy" method. There is also the "With tails" method and "True fold" method. Not sure if that's what they will be called in the book, but you get the idea. None of the bows are starched, baked or tacked with glue to hold their shape, they are just "as is" so you can see the true result of the templates. If you seriously dislike them, please tell me now before I go ahead with production

The first is off the 1.5" template. You can make the bow any size, it accomodates the 1.5" ribbon. I used 24" of black grosgrain.

These next ones are off the 7/8" template.

Here's the cool part. One is a bow I made.

The other is the first bow EVER made by the tester.

She's not even crafty. I put the centers on both. We each used 20" of purple grosgrain.

I won't tell which is which.

Brilliant Bowmaker Templates!
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