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Originally Posted by bello View Post
That is a really good idea to incorporate a collar with changeable bows. I am thinking maybe something simpler and just bows that slide over collars this would be great for bigger dogs or ones with less hair to grab.could use velcro to make them more adjustable. My dogs groomer was making her own bows but is just too busy. She said her clients prefer the french clips.She uses really tiny ones that I have not yet found,then again, haven't searched to hard yet either. I'm excited to finish my work week and get started. Thankyou all! You've really got me thinking new ideas!

Just a point....if you plan on using the elastics for the dog bows, make sure you buy the orthodontic ones or something similar as they are much more durable and less likely to break/snap when putting them in or taking them out of the puppy's hair. My dog's groomer says the lady at the pet store makes her own but uses just the dollar store brand and a lot of people have complained that they always break. I was going to offer to make them for her but I am just too busy with shows and my website to take on any more extra work. Anyways, just a thought. You can find some of those elastics on ebay, that's where I bought mine. HTH
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