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Default Re: Hairbow Holder Toppers

Oooooo....I like those even better, but are the ones that most people use that small? I've never seen them in person.

And yes, it's absolute torture not being near a Walmart or any kind of craft store...especially when back when I was in the states, I could have signed my paycheck over to them....LOL!

Originally Posted by Mommy2Jacie View Post
Hey April, I'm sure you know this already but I wanted to make sure you did. Hobby Lobby does have an online website called Crafts Etc. They also have wholesale as well, which I think is I can't imagine your anquish, not even being close to a Wal-Mart. That would be pure torture .

Anyway, thought you might want to check these out as well.....cute dragonflys, flowers, high heel shoe, and alot more. HTH Craft Supplies - Wood Crafting, Painted Wood, Clothespins, Letters, Shapes, Apples, Stars, Hearts | Crafts, Etc!
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