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Default Re: Watermelon woven headband

HEre's another idea. make that one piece of green ribbon double-sided with the red seed on the back. every other turn for green, twist it underneath so that the red will show instead of green. Does that make any sense at all? LOL I mean, unless you want to piece the red and green to make one long ribbon, but that would take lots of time and precision LOL

Originally Posted by sla762 View Post
Thank you , Michelle for posting that! The band I saw is very similar to that, except every other alternating green triangle was red - you know what I mean??? so you actually had an entire triangle of seeds. Now, I weave a lot of headbands, and I know that the green triangles come from the same piece of ribbon woven through, which is why I am so dang confused as to how in the world that would have worked!!! I have the watermelon seed rbbon ready to go. This is just one of those crazy quests!!!
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