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Default Ideas needed for a 3 year old's birthday...

Ok, I need some help. Here is a little backgroud:

I currently live in Italy and I go to a church that has a American service, Italian service and African service. We have many families that come from Ghana and Cameroon via lottery. I would love to explain it but it's even longer than this story. Anyway, we have one family that has 2 small girls and both parents have lost their jobs. They are also in danger of losing their visas. We have a lifeteam that we go to and we have been paying this families rent. We also take groceries to them. They have a little girl that will be 3 in April and we are wanting to do a birthday party. So I will probably host it and invest the most I wanted to stretch my money. I was thinking of making her a ribbon tee and tutu to wear. Does anybody have any other ideas of things I could make? I was thinking of making tissue flowers as decorations but I don't know how to make them. I have great ideas in my mind by executing them is difficult. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry for the long post...
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