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Default Re: Do my tutus look ok?

Originally Posted by princessfancypants View Post
I got a new display which I LOVE but do the pics look ok? Thanks!

in the first one the tutu probally needs s lil straightening out. It looks a lil messy, but I know how that can be a hassle when your trying to get a perfect pic.
The second one looks good maybe straighten/poof the bow up a lil. I would also cut the spikes on it at a angle...just my opinion.
And if you flattened out the sheet/backdrop a bit more it would give your pics a more crisp look...kwim
you want to draw more attention to the tutu rather than the background, and that was the first thing I noticed...again JUST MY OPINION.
I am not downing you I am just a tutu perfectionist myself and would want to hear the cons as well as the pros-makes me better at what I do!

I just recently bought one of these iron dress forms from Hobby Lobby for $25...used a 40% off Q
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