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Default Re: korker pony streamers?

Well, I sew my streamers but essentially yes...just add it to the other ribbons and tie/sew it up. One thing to note (if going to mix straight and korked ribbon) is that you don't want to premeasure the korker to the length of the other straight ribbons while lying on the table or by measuring with a ruler because when the korkers hang down they won't match. So when I add a korker I leave it the original length and then once sewn together I hang on to it in the air and then trim the korker length. In order to match the straight ribbons length you will actually cut the korker longer than the straights. Once you take some of the weight off it will get shorter and if you cut the same length as the straights it will be too short. Does that make sense?? Anywyas I hope that helps. I like to add a korker ribbon to my streamers...people do seem to like them a lot.
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