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Default Re: Mini korkers on baby snap clips??

Originally Posted by 3aminspirations View Post
Has anyone ever made small korkers and attached to baby snap clips? I have a custom request and really need some help with how many korkers to use, how long to cut them. I was going to start with 3/8" korker ribbon but after reading a few threads, maybe 1/4" ribbon is the smarter choice?

I don't want the korkers to be too heavy, but still want them to look full and round.

Thanks ladies!
OK, I am a newbie, but got some advice on korkers the other day. If you are going to be putting them on baby snap clips, I would think 3/8" wide would be too wide for those, so would think 1/4" would look better & work better. But that's just my opinion. I am working on making some korker bows today for my daughter. I am excited!!!
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