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Originally Posted by mamabrandy View Post
I hope I'm posting this in the right area.

I am very new to making bows. I have two korkers under my belt with several more spools waiting to become bows.

What is the best thing to used to tie the korker bows? I have used thread, and I have tried a thin line of ribbon (1/8th) I think. I have seen elastic listed a few times but forgot to pick some thin elastic up.

If I use elastic to tie, will the bow look fuller? My second attempt seems sparse on top but thick towards the bottom.

Will using a stiffening spray help them stand up better?


I use the elastic ties. I like them before they work great for me. I line them up, tie them (pulling as hard as I can without breaking the elastic). Then I tie a dead knot. It seems to stand up more when I make a super tie knot. I don't know if it looks fuller, but it sure stands up nicely . To make it more secure, I put a little bit of E6000 over the dead knot.

You can buy elastic ties at Michaels (I just saw some today when I went. A spool of 3 holiday colors for $0.59. Hey no one is gonna see the elastic anyhow, so who cares if they are holiday color .

Also, if your bow is fuller on the bottom, you can put an embellishment thing in the center to make it look like it is suppose to fuller on the bottom (hope that makes sense).
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