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Default Re: School Auction Ideas?

I made a checker board for my sons class earlier this year. Just used a flat canvas, they are like 3 for $5 or so at Michael's & painted them with spray paint in a checkerboard pattern. Then I used bottlecaps in 2 colors & made them with the school mascot on them. It is appareantly the game to play in class.
I am actually working on something for the class now that is much more work. I am making a momopoly game with all the spaces with school themes & the principals name etc... It is ready except the cards & the $$. Pending on how this works out I may make another one for the auction at the end of the year.

I know these aren't bow related but everyone knows me at the school from the checkerboard & ask all the time what else I make.
Printed foe & specialty ribbon buys done here!!
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