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I have a cricut and a cuttlebug, I bought the CB just about 3 weeks ago and Love it. I have cut fabric and made cards with it along with the cricut. The only issue I have with the CB is that the more you cut the more the top of the plastic board used in the machine curls. Also when you cut, what ever item you cut leaves that impression on that same plastic peice. While this still can be used, it does get harder to use but according to cricut it is normal. I have made clippies as well. It is super easy to use, the same thing with the cricut the mat, can only be used so many times before it has to be replaced. There are places online where you can get the CB for half of what retailers charge. Michaels has it for 10 less then Joann's and if you catch a sale on it you can get it for about 36-39$ good luck I recommend, Tons of fun.
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