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Default Re: No sew nylon headbands?

Originally Posted by wmfjones75 View Post
I was looking for instructions making the headbands out of nylons and I saw some pay instructions that said they were no sew. Are they just tying them in a knot. I'm all about buying instructions, but I would feel terribly stupid if I paid someone $9 to tell me to tie the darn things together! Anybody willing to help me out?
I cut mine as I stated above and then I put the 2 ends together and just with a needle and thread I stitch it together pulling it tight so that when I add the ribbon for the interchangeable loop it is scrunched together nicely. I go through it with the needle and thread a couple times just to make sure it is secure. When you add the ribbon just make sure you are only putting the glue on the back/inside of the headband and not the top. You need to be able to put the clip through. Does that make sense?? I am not very good at explaining things.
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