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Default Re: Anyone made applique tees with tie for boys

I found out from a lady that makes adults clothing and she doesn't use an embroidery and her's don't frey. She was very nice and was very helpful in explaining to me how she does it. You can get this at any fabric store. My mom and I just bought ours at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 a yard but after that we seen that Wal-Mart had it but they are getting rid of all fabric here in Texas by December. Bummer. Anyways it's called Wonder Under I'm not for sure if I giving the directions right but I do believe you iron the material on before cutting the stencil out. There are directions on the bolt just look before you get it cut. This look makes it look like it's ironed on and will not frey.

I will try and get a picture of a shirt my Aunt bought from her so you can see what I'm talking about it looks really good if you don't have an embroidery machine.
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