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Default Re: Ribbon Tee Help

i use hemming tape to keep the ribbon in place so that i can sew it on. I dont sew them all the way around just across the front from seam to seam. i dont even open the seam just so that it reaches all the way across. I also make the bow on the shirt detachable for washing. I use those pins from joanns that you would find on the back of broach they are very easy to use and make everything neet and clean looking.
Also when i do sew the ribbon on i make sure i streach the fabric a little to make sure the ribbon dose not restrain the wear in the front, but not so much that it leaves ripples. I just tape it to my ironing board then lay my hemming tape then the ribbon. I put an old cotton tee on top of the ribbon and then iron untill the tape is stuck. If its not right just peel the ribbon off and do it again. but i almost always get it right onthe first try.
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