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Default Re: Easy up tent my A%$&

Originally Posted by princessfancypants View Post
But but I DONT WANNA lol I want to see teh WHOLE thing, call me greedy LOL plus a big part of my display is the hot pink back drop where I will be hanging my hairbow holders LOL...

This didnt come with directions, so How do i even do it I think I have the top ready to go up, I have it all velcrod to the sides...
Making sure the "scissor" is extended as far as possible in all directions (this is where you need the 2 people) Opposite corners walk back. Then opposite sides you'll have to push out on the scissors until you can get the pins to lock. Does that make any sense?

Then I just go around and raise each leg 1 notch at a time (was doing this by myself again)

Is this indoor or outdoor? Outdoor having GOOD weights is very important. I'm going to make better ones this year with quickcrete, coffee cans, and rebar. I've seen them made with PVC pipe that's filled with quickcrete.

If you need it I can go out and grab the instructions, maybe i can scan them in.

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