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Default Re: Measurements for making stretchy headbands for brand-new babies?

Originally Posted by idahomommyof4 View Post
I already did a search for posts on this, and either I missed it or something...I am trying to find out what sizes (how many inches of fabric) to use to make headbands for newborns. My baby is 10 months old, so I'll just use him to make a more baby-size, but I am looking for what measurement do you use for newborn babies. My SIL is having a baby in about a week and I wanted to make some stretchy headbands for her new baby and am wanting to make them so that they will fit like the day they come home from the hospital. Anyone have a really new newborn they can measure for me? I appreciate it!!!
My DD's head was 34cm when she was born so convert that into inches and you have a hairband for a 7lb baby! HTH.

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