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Default Re: Tell Me Anything About Flip Flops

1. How much do you charge?
I charge about 15.00 a pair
2. Do you just buy the cheap dollar ones from Dollar Store or Dollar Tree?
I buy mine from Hobby Lobby, because they have a better color selection and will get you more profit.

3. Do you wrap or tie ribbon?
I am assuming you mean around the thong? I wrap mine as well as a bead of glue every so many wraps

4. If you tie do they stay or do you add glue to each tie?
5. I guess I should use e6000 to be safe?
I use hot glue on mine

6. Does anyone know how to make an interchangeable bow for them? (I am thinking a black pair with a set of interchangeable bows)

7. How do you attach the bow to the front?
I sew the bow with a couple of stitches and then glue for reinforcement

Flip flops were not a good seller for me some people just can't justify 15 dollars if I make them this year I will probably do 10.

Here are some different variations that I have done. I don't mess with the interchangeable bows though.


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