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Default Re: Painting Canvas Shoes

Hi I actually am a children's artist when I am not making bows and playing with ribbon. Acrylic paint will be come permanent once it dries, you do not have to seal it or prime the area, you can heat set the paint with an iron if you want it to cure faster. They do have a fabric medium that you can get just about any where I know they have it at Michaels and Walmart, it is a clear goop that you add in to the paint and it helps it move smoother over the surface and makes it more of a fabric paint. It comes in the same little bottles that paint comes in and is usually around a buck. I have done it both ways and personaly I think it turns out the same and the wear is the same. The painted area will be stiff but will soften up as it is worn or washed. I hope this helps.
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