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Default Re: Well girls, I think I've finally converted...

Originally Posted by bstimpert View Post
I've not seen a Sally's that doesn't sell to the public. A business license or Cosmotoligist just get a better deal with their discount cards.
I wasn't paying attention to the signage when I walked by the store. After I saw your post I called my aunt (who gave me directions to Sally's) and she said she sent me to a place called Cosmo Poof or something like that since she figured it would be cheaper than Sally's and closer to my house. They have a huge sign on the front door that says they only sell to someone with a business or cosmotologist license (she's a beautician and she must have forgot I wasn' After the sign I just kept walking and didn't even pay attention to the store front. She gave me directions to Sally's this time so I will have to check it out next weekend while I'm up that way. Thanks for setting me straight...I was wondering how all of you were able to get stuff at Sally's and I wasn't.
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