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Default Tell Me Anything About Flip Flops

Okay today I want to make flip flops. My idea is making them in school colors and bows with bottlecap centers with school name or mascot. Flip flops are new to me, but I think will be a good seller. Some questions I have but please add anything that I may not ask?

1. How much do you charge?

2. Do you just buy the cheap dollar ones from Dollar Store or Dollar Tree?

3. Do you wrap or tie ribbon?

4. If you tie do they stay or do you add glue to each tie?

5. I guess I should use e6000 to be safe?

6. Does anyone know how to make an interchangeable bow for them? (I am thinking a black pair with a set of interchangeable bows)

7. How do you attach the bow to the front?

Teresa Miller
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