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Wink Re: Speaking of overcharging . . .

They are actually very local to me here in CA about 50 miles away they have been at the craft shows at our local fairgrounds for a huge annual craft show and sell their headbands at numorious boutiques in Sacramento and even this past month gotten in children's/maternity store three stores down from where I sell my items. They even sell the crochet 1.5 headband for $7.00 alone at one shop.vI actually recentley started selling the same flower headbands I sell mine for $10. I just did a farmers market today and fortunilty in this area they think that is a steal I sold over 5 in four hours. It is pretty much up to the market you sell and location sometimes living in the Valley works out with all these yuppies. I agree that $16 is a little too much since it really only cost about $1 to make but I will continue to sell for $10 if people are willing to buy. Rachel Weizman is even more expensive and because of them I never would have thought to make my own and I would have never joined this wonderful group of creative woman and men? Not sure if we have any men in the group. Now only if I can find pink camo elastic I would be in business!
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