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Default Re: Luau family dance

Originally Posted by nicole26 View Post
I thought about a tutu ~ do you know how they do the ones that are tied in knots? Is it as simple as just makig it regular and just knotting the ends?

Thanks everyone for all the good ideas!
I got my daughter a (very) easy tutu from the dollar store, actually. It was a few years ago, but after looking at it, I was like how easy would that be! It was just a piece of elastic for around the waist, then they used different colored green ribbons (slightly different widths & ribbon styles) and they took the long pieces of ribbon, folded in half, put the one end with the "loop" (not the two ends) behind the elastic waistband part and just above it, take the two ends that are the cut ends, go up and pull both through the "loop" part (which when you do this, tightens around the elastic waistband). Does that make sense??? If not, I'll watch this post & post a pic. It's SOOOOO simple, just hard to explain when just typing it out....and then the two loose ends hang down and make the "skirt" and the ends had a knot (of course, you'd probably want to heatseal the ends) to add some weight. Clear as mud???
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