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Default Re: this is bugging me

this stiffener...its called stiffy

Stiffy Fabric Stiffener, 8 oz.

Item # 1550

Create permanent fabric projects quickly and easily using Stiffy Fabric Stiffener with most fabrics. Creates beautiful fabric bows, stiffens needlework. Add lace, ribbon and trims to craft projects or mold or drape dollies and lace.

put in a spray bottle that has a mist setting mix it with water about 60/40 (water/stiffy) shake well, spray on ribbon allow to dry... put foil or paper crumpled towels to prop limp or over sprayed area to hold bow form in place. allow to dry... DO not over spray... it does not need to be saturated.

This is PERMANENT... so if you spray your bows on a towel use a old one you dont care about cause the stiffener over spray wil make your towel hard as a rock over time
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