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Originally Posted by juniortrooper View Post
Make sure you use some sort of interfacing (I think that is what it is called) because without it, you can see the shiny part through most fabrics.
Ok this may sound like a dumb question to some but I don't sew so I don't know much about fabrics. What exactly is interfacing? I know what it is used for but what is the material like, texture? I don't have a craft store around here otherwise I'd go take a look at it and figure it out myself. I just made my first covered buttons and I noticed on the first one I did that you could see through the material so after that I just doubled the material. What would be the difference in using interfacing instead of just doubling the material? Do you think it would be better for me to go get the interfacing stuff? Thanks for any help on this!
Thanks! Lisa
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