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Default Re: Sally,UB, Accessory Palace

Originally Posted by doodlebugs View Post
yes please do share my head is going to explode with this I am now into cricut maybe no more bows no one really seems to have a solid answer not even the gov so if a store buys yor stuff great if not . I had a store turn me down because of the law but if julie from UB has proof or someone else does please share, also with UB headbands this way, I can possibly sell to her and show proof. Thanks
Yeah, I bought most my ribbon from UB. Please share the proof from UB if somebody got it. I also just bought alligator clips from sally's and the proof. Can you pass them to me please if you ever got them?

Thank you

Wholesale Headbands, Rolled/Dainty Flowers, and Duchesse Flowers.

21 Satin colors and 20 Grosgrain colors. PM me for more details.
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