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Default Re: Does anyone know the owner of this boutique?

Originally Posted by sweetbabybowtique View Post
Thank you so much, I got your email but I have a hard time replying to yahoo emails so I thought I'd reply back here! Thank you for letting me know, one problem though is the myspace link says private so i cannot view anything. I do see the screenshots though and yep many many of mine. I'm not sure how to contact her but she will be hearing from either me or my attorney. Stealing photos is wrong! Any idea how to contact her, does she have a website or anything?

The only way to go about contacting her is using another myspace account, it doesn't take long to set one up so perhaps try doing that and letting her know that way, I think I might have her e-mail address from a previous horrific transaction I had with her if I can locate it I can give you that. Or I can find another way for you to contact her. I would notify myspace too and let them know that there are copyrighted images on her site.

I think what she is doing is wrong especially since she has ripped a ton of people off, taking orders for things and never sending them, I would hate for someone to see those images order from her and then get ripped off then stumble across your site and not want to order for fear of you being the same person as her.

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