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Default Re: Sally,UB, Accessory Palace

As it stands right now, fabrics that are not painted on are not required to tested until next year, however, they are looking into making it an exclusion all together since it is not known to have lead in it. So the crochet beanies, headbands, knit headbands, and knit beanies all do not have to be tested right now.

AP is not currently planning on testing from what I was told.

Originally UB said they were not going to test, but I've heard someone say they are looking into it, however I have not heard anything final about their decision.

I do sell headbands and beanies, and if it comes around next year that we are required to test I will be doing so, but for the time being since my items are considered safe I am not testing. If I have to test, unfortunately it will cause my prices to increase. What people don't realize is 1 time testing is not enough...if the law is not revised...every time I place an order..if I can not prove it came from the same 'batch' that I already tested, I will have to retest Every color of Every headbands and beanie Every time I order.

Sally's, from what I understand is testing and waiting on results...

keep in mind though.., as it stands right now, you can use the certificates poivided by the suppliers as long as it is done by an 'approved' third party lab...BUT is is only good for the item in itself. Once you use the item to 'manufacture' something else from it, in other words attaching the clip to a bow is manufacturing a new item....after next year if they do not change the law we will still be required to test. Currently they are not requiring testing on items as long as appropriate action has been take to see that the products you are using are within the legal ppm levels to sell. As I understand it, if you sell something and for whatever reason it would be tested, if it fails, you would be warned and not penalized immediately, however if you are using materials that are known to not pass the levels you willl be penalized,

Whew...and sigh..what a nightmare this is.
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