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Default Re: Using a professional photographer

My photgrapher charges 30 a sitting fee to take whatever I want and sometimes we trade she has a daughter and I make her stuff in exchange for the pictures it would not be a wise investment to spend that kinda of money you'll never get it back. to spend 200-500 dollars is ridiculous as a pp said u could buy a DSLR for that money (which My husband and I plan to do next month) most DSLRS take awesome pics in auto mode! and I agree outdoor pics look the most professional you'll never get enough light in an ordinary room and I am shocked that a professional would agree to that anyways! I also think white backgrounds are fine some outfits look best on white liks things with color white backgrounds make them POP and stand out! sometimes things get lost in the colors outside but it really depends on your product.
Most boutique owners don't pay photographers all work is done on trade because as i said before you can't really justify the costs.
Good luck though!

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