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Default Thankfully my house is still standing...

Important tip to remember (or atleast for me) is to never again try to make korkers on busy days (tuesday both my kids have music class as well as some other activities). I wanted to badly to have a korker bow to match my daughters new outfit that I was determined to get it done before class tonight. I got it done but cut major corners to get it done.

First I didn't measure her head for her headband (can't find the other 4 I made...go figure). Then I tried to bake the korkers while I was trying to give the kids a bath, feed them, and get myself ready (This was at 1pm and not a very good idea). Well I got the bow done and was very proud of myself I think it looks awesome for only being my second korker (To bad she couldn't wear the bow since we headband is WAY WAY to big). So we left for music class, ate dinner, and spent an hour at Wal-mart. Came home put the kids to bed and went to do the dishes only to find that I left the OVEN on. Not a big deal I thought b/c of course I wouldn't leave it on with something in it....WRONG!!! I left two dowel rods with ribbons in the oven since 1pm and it's 10 pm now.

The good news is that the ribbon is perfect just like I baked it for only 20minutes (Good to know if someone else ever leaves it in to long)...the better news is that I caught my boo-boo before my husband (b/c he would have flipped and banned me from ever using our oven again), and the best news is thankfully the ribbon didn't catch fire and the house didn't go up. I feel so stupid for doing that but thankfully everything turned out alright. I will never never never atempt a prodject on Tuesdays again....LESSON LEARNED.

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