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Default Re: Bottle Cap Pendants

Originally Posted by samsmombeth View Post
I print my images out at the drug store. Much cheaper & you also don't get any bleeding. I use the envirotex lite to seal my caps. I really think it works best. I have tried a few other things & they take so long to fully cure & don't seem to get hard. I use a xyron to attach my images to the caps.
I use a tiny hole punch to put a hole in the cap & I do it after I have the image on it. You can also drill holes with a tiny bit or use a hammer & nail.
I don't put anything on the back of them.

I think that covers all the questions.
Thanks! Where do you get envirotex lite from and what is it? Another maybe silly use a xyron...what is that? Isnt that like a sticker machine or something?? Sorry, I have no idea. If thats what it is I dont have one...what else would work as good?

Thanks so much!!!!
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