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Default Bottle Cap Pendants

Okay so I have tons of bottle caps and decided it was time to do something with them. But I have a few questions... I did do a search for this but cant really come up with much to answer my particular questions. I am hoping someone here can help me out a little.

I have read to use glossy photo paper for printing my images out. And NOT to use clear nail polish.
Now for sealing them what do you all find to be the best. For the different types of sealers I have read I cant get it here. Is there an online store that will ship to Canada that I can get it from. Would it be the 3d crystal laquer? Is that the best one? How do you attach the image to the bottle cap so it will stay on there.
For punching the hole in the cap to make it a pendant is it best to do it before I seal it? And what do you find works the best to punch the hole?
And then for the back of the bottle cap...the part that would be touching the you put anything inside there? Wouldnt it scratch the skin?

Sorry, basically I am looking for instructions to make them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out!
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