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Default Cap Determination!!!!

AHHHHHH!!!!! I am down right determined to figure out how to do this!!!! OK - Quesiton - I found some great scrapbook paper with WI Badgers on it - fits perfectly on a cap. Punched it out, adhered it to cap, sealed with ET....and you can see right through the white paper to the red cap. It looks like poop!!!!!! Do I need to seal the image first with clear nail polish????

I printed out some images on regular (not photo) paper, following some onine directions, sprayed them with the acrylic photo sealer they suggested, and they same dang thing happened!!!!

ALSO - it looks as the ET lite kind of shrunk in from the edges. I don't have perfect bubble anymore - do I need to glob on more??? I am applying with a paintbrush. HHHHEEEELLLLLLPPPPPPP please!!!!!!
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