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Default Re: Is this just MY luck (RABOM)

Why do you have so much waste? There's no reason not to use it....I make tons of korkers.....Just put a clothespin on it and finish rolling it on the dowel.

~~Life is what you make of it...if you're given lemons..what are you going to do with them? Complain? Or look at the upside and make delicious lemonade and have a beautiful day. Instead of everyone complaining all the time about every little thing that has happened to 'them' like the world is out to get you, make something good of it and just think how much better you will feel for having a happy thought instead of a grouchy one.

Originally Posted by princessfancypants View Post
I have the same exact problem, not just with RABOM but just about everywhere, I too make korkers with my 3/8 and there is so much waste :*( It really ticks me off too

as far as the fade, I havent had that happen to much, except with ribbon I buy from the offray outlet
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