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Default Re: Is this just MY luck (RABOM)

The taped ribbon doesn't have anything to do with the fact that it is from RABOM. that is just one of the things with ribbon. When ribbon is manufactured so many yards are done at a time. And then it is spooled. Yes, if a spool does not have enough on a run to finish it off they tape it and continue. ALL of the ribbon companies do this. the majority of the time you don't see it on 5 yard spools, but it happenes. Most of the suppliers I know of send a bit of extra on the roll if there is a splice in it. Same thinngs for inconsistencies. They have no way of knowing if there is a mark or faded spot on 100 or thousands of yards of ribbon.

RABOM make thier own ribbon and TRR buys it to resell, that's why the price increase. It's still RABOM's ribbon. I'm sure they geet ribbons from other places too though.

Hope this helps explain something.
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