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Default Re: Is this just MY luck (RABOM)

I can't believe what I am reading. I usually order from TRR too, but have placed a few orders with Rabom. In my last order, I had a taped roll. It was at the begining, so not that big a deal at the time. I also got a faded roll too. I thought it was just me! I will not order from them again! Also, after I placed one of my orders, I wanted to change the size I ordered. I emailed them just a few hours later and never got a response. They just shipped what I paid for and never even got back to me.
I have never had a problem with TRR, when they have 'messed' up, they never asked me to ship the item back. They told me to keep it and sent the right one out immediately. They are out of ribbon a lot though!.
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