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Originally Posted by Claire View Post
OK, I spent last night trying to get it right and I feel like I succeeded, although of course I still need practice. I just used ribbon that I had on hand.

Thanks for the tip about WalMart and headbands. I found them and just snipped off the webby stuff.

I also tried using a metallic lurex ribbon which is just under the 3/8 size. But I am having aheck of a time with it, I think it's b/c the texture is different than the grosgrain. I was able to get into a rythm w/the grosgrain but not w/this metallic.

Check out the pic I attached.
Wow, they look great. I want to buy the instruction too, but I am waiting for next month because we already spent too much money this Christmas.

By the way, how did you snipped off the webby stuff to get clean breaks?
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