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Default Re: CORD LOCK group buy??? any interest

I've found a supplier for the clear cord locks. The only thing is they are for the mini bean cord locks. I don't know if anyone has tried these. The following is the dimensions for the clear cord locks and of the ones I got from the scrubhat lady:

Clear: Two Holes, Hole Size 4 mm , Height 16 mm , Wide 19 mm, Thickness 8mm

TSHL:Two Holes, Hole Size 5 mm , Height 20 mm , Wide 24 mm, Thickness 8mm

I would actually prefer to get these ones as the size of the holes are only 1mm difference but the rest of the toggle is much smaller. I think it would be more aesthetically appealing. Any thoughts?

They are a bit more expensive than the regular ones though.

The price is as follows:

100-499 : $0.30
500-2999 : $0.20
3000-9999 : $0.15
10000 or more : $0.10

Not sure if enough people are interested in this size to get a decent discount
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