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Default Re: my first bow party....HELP

I actually sell jewelry through home shows, so if you would like some ideas/guideline, etc., of the short presentation that I do, I'd be happy to help. Feel free to PM me with any questions!!

Are you going to do it at your own home, or are you going to have, say, your friend be the Hostess? If you are going to do a home show with a Hostess, decide what your hostess incentives are. For example, give them X% in free bows/headbands/etc., in their show sales (So if you had like $100 in show sales, give them a percentage of that in "bow credit" to put towards bows of their choosing). Then decide if you want to offer additional incentives, such as if their show gets a specific amount in sales, say $125, then they get 2 bows/headbands at half-price or something like that.

As far as a presentation (this is going to be based on having a Hostess, but could easily be adapted to w/o doing a hostess)

--Welcome everyone. Thank Hostess for doing a show.
Talk about:
--How you got started in making bows, what you like about it, etc.
--Each one is an individual & unique, as they are all handmade by you. You can talk about the quality of the products you use to make your bows.
--Tell people how to care for their bows & store them & keep them looking their best for years to come
--Tell people about any sales or specials you are running. If you do special orders, be sure to mention this, too, in case someone has a special request.
--If you want to do more home shows (and want to book at this party), talk about the Hostess benefits, then play some sort of simple home game (I can give you some ideas if you need) and give like $2 off their order that night or something. Or if you make the really cute & easy & simple clippies, maybe give a pair of those as the prize. The only thing I would caution with giving a physical prize is that people tend to get the attitude of, I already got something so I don't need to buy anything. Just an FYI
--Thank your hostess again. If you have any specific sales, be sure to mention them again.

I think that's about all. It's a pretty simple presentation but gets some good info in.

Again, if you have any questions, feel free to email me or PM me. Oh, and YES I would definitely go to a home bow show!!! For sure!!


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